Sean Combs made a huge celebrity faux pas this week when he showed up to 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' super late for his interview. Of course, the host berated him a little for his tardiness, and ended up making him promise that he isn't too late for her belated 60th birthday party.

Sean Combs at the Pirelli calendar eventSean Combs at the Pirelli calendar event

After a brief discussion about the rapper's latest moniker (it's not Diddy, Puff Daddy or Puffy anymore, it's Love), Ellen smoothly segued into the reason why he kept her, her producers and her audience waiting. It's not clear how late he arrived, but it was apparently too late for hair and make-up.

'Just looking at that pretty watch just wondering if you know how to look at it and tell the time', said Ellen, fingering his diamond studded timepiece. 'We were out there waiting for you in the alleyway for a little while.'

Combs tried to make excuses and say he got stuck in traffic, but when Ellen pointed out that his son arrived before him and he left before his son, he admitted that they 'took the wrong way'. On the other hand, Ellen was impressed that he took it upon himself to neaten up before his interview so that he could bypass the stylists.

'You literally came from your car and groomed yourself on the way in. That is a professional', Ellen said.

'I'm a little nervous and scared because you can't come to 'The Ellen Show' late, it's a known rule', Combs replied, watching footage from outside of him stepping out of his car as his team try to comb his hair as he's walking. 'So I feel like, 'Oh my God, what's going on? Like, is she mad?''

As much as Ellen forgives him, she'll never be able to understand tardiness as she prides herself on her punctuality. 'Anyone who knows me, I cannot be late, I am always, always early', she said. 'That's just who I am, I'm always early.'

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No doubt Combs will make it up to her, though he still insists he's got to arrive 'fashionably late' for her party, regardless of what time it starts. On your own head be it, Mr.Combs!