Sean Combs can understand why Michael Jackson turned to powerful anaesthetics in his battle with insomnia - because the sleep condition can drive sufferers "crazy".
The pop superstar passed away last year (09) following an overdose of Propofol, a drug which is used to put surgery patients to sleep.
Combs recently revealed he is also an insomniac and admits he empathises with the late superstar's condition because of his own long running problems dozing off.
He says, "Anybody who's ever had insomnia, you're not thinking he (Jackson) was crazy. You understand that when you're not able to close your eyelids, you're on the brink of losing your mind...
"If I got more sleep, I'd be a better person, a healthier person. I'd be able to see a bit clearer. It's a problem and I'm looking to get help."
And Combs is adamant more should be done to help insomniacs because so many develop prescription drug problems.
He adds, "You start taking melatonin, then you'll have Ambien and there are many other people who've graduated - not myself - to other things. It's a big problem. There needs to be medical attention paid to this disease, because the world would be a better place if more people got better sleep."