The Like You hitmaker, also known as Shad Moss, parted ways with Cash Money in May (15) after failing to release an album after six years with the firm, and now he has moved on to work with Combs.

Announcing his new contract with Bad Boy Records by posting an Instagram photo of himself with Combs and fellow rapper French Montana, he writes, "It's only right I made the decision to rock out with my big homie... Making money won't be the issue. Figuring out where to keep it all is another story!"

The 28 year old previously insisted his split from Cash Money was amicable, revealing he was heading back into the studio with his old collaborators Snoop Dogg and Jermaine Dupri.

"This is a peaceful situation," he insisted in a candid video posted on Facebook. "This is me waking up and looking myself in the mirror, analysing myself and asking myself, 'What do (you) want out of your career? What do you wanna do?' I have so much music that needs to be heard. That wants to be heard by my fans. And I feel like it's unfair. I've been quiet now for four years. I didn't wanna say nothing (sic) because I wanted to make sure the time was right. And I wanted to make sure that I said what I wanted to say, it was said correctly. With that being said I feel like I had to part ways.

"I wanna dictate when my music come out (sic)... I just can't be held up up by nobody. It's as simple as that. I got a daughter. I got (a) family I gotta provide for. Why not go back to the creators and masters who branded me? That's Snoop Dogg and Jermaine Dupri. This is gonna make my new situation even more monumental. I wanted to be my own man. I wanted to be a boss and call my own shots."