Homer's Odyssey finally has the epic (pun more definitely intended) directing, writing and producing team it deserves. Fresh from working on The Hunger Games trilogy, Francis Lawrence is set to direct, Peter Craig to write and Nina Jacobson to produce the upcoming film.

Sean BeanSean Bean was top of the list of ideal actors to play Odysseus.

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Lawrence has directed the past three instalments of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Mockingjay: Part 1 and the upcoming Mockingjay: Part 2. Craig has co-written the two Mockingjay instalments and is also known for The Town, starring Ben Affleck. Jacobson, who owns Color Force productions, has been with the Hunger Games since the beginning and has also previously worked on such films as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and One Day

Lionsgate are the studios behind the upcoming adaptation of the Odyssey and the project is reportedly on fast track, according to Deadline. Production is set to begin early next year. 

The Odyssey, composed by Homer in the 8th century BCE, centres on the journey of Odysseus after the Trojan War. Odysseus takes a decade to return to his kingdom of Ithaca and to his wife, Penelope, and son, Telemachus. Along the way he encounters aggressive suitors intent on seducing his wife, one-eyed Cyclopes, drugged up lotus-eaters, a six-headed monster called Scylla and the deadly whirlpool, Charybdis - amongst many, many others. 

This writer, as a Classics student, couldn't be more excited about the prospect of an Odyssey adaptation which might actually match the scale of Homer's epic poem. Although the cast of the upcoming adaptation are yet to be announced, I did some polling of a group of Classics postgraduate students and they revealed who their ideal Odysseus would be. 

Sean Bean: The 55-year-old actor would be reprising the role as he previously played Odysseus in the 2004 movie Troy. Bean is no stranger to period dramas and fantasy as his other film and television credits include Sharpe, Lord of the Rings and Troy. He is most definitely at the top of most Classicists' lists to be Odysseus. 

Henry Cavill: Odysseus was something of a heartbreaker - even loving and leaving the goddess Calypso - and Cavill, with his dashing good looks and toned physique, certainly has the physical credentials for the role. The 31-year-old British actor has previously taken on another mythical hero, Theseus, in the 2011 film, Immortals.

Henry CavillHenry Cavill has played another mythical hero, Theseus.

Hugh Jackman: The Wolverine actor is a fan favourite and is of the right age for Odysseus, who has been at war and trooping around the Mediterranean for twenty years by the time he returns home to Ithaca. Not only is he handsome and rugged, he's also a clever chap, ideal for Odysseus who is notoriously 'resourceful', 'cunning' and 'wise'. 

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman - rugged, handsome and clever. Is he the ideal Odysseus?

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Jason Statham: Odysseus is one of the first action heroes and Statham has certainly proved he can fight off any manner of monster as we have seen from his roles in The Expendables, The Mechanic and Transporter. We're not too sure about that strong London accent though...

Jason StathamJason Stathamwas named as ideal actors for Odysseus.

Ioan Gruffudd: The 41-year-old Welsh actor is definitely classically trained, having studied at RADA, which seems appropriate for anyone playing a preeminent classical figure. He's well known for his roles in both action films such as Fantastic Four and for playing such figures as William Wilberforce and Tony Blair. 

Ionn GruffuddIoan Gruffudd has played another famous seafarer, Horatio Hornblower.

Gerard Butler: He's played King Leonidas in 300 and we know he can rock skimpy armour, something which may prove useful in one particular scene in the poem where Odysseus washes up naked on the island of Phaeacia. He also has action hero credentials with his roles in such films as Olympus Has Fallen and Machine Gun Preacher

With thanks to the University of Leeds Classics Postgraduates for their input. 

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Gerard ButlerGerard Butler has previously played another classical legend, King Leonidas.