Seal was convinced he'd died when he walked into his surprise 60th birthday party to see all his friends and family together.

The singer - who marked the milestone on February 19 - has revealed he went over to a friend's house and was shocked to see more than 200 guests had gathered there to surprise him including some people he hadn't seen in decades and he became worried that he was actually walking into the afterlife.

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, he explained: "They say that when you die you will see all the people who love you and for a split second, that’s where I thought I was."

Seal went on to admit he spent most of the night in tears because he was so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love: "There was only one reason they were all at this party, these people that I was really fond of and people I thought I was more fond of than they were of me; it’s because they love me and they cared enough to make the effort. It was a rare moment where I faced the reality that I am worthy of being loved. And that was just too much – it was really overwhelming."

Guests included Seal's children and his sister, his former manager Rob Cavallo - who he hadn’t seen for 18 years - as well as his housekeeper and tennis coaches.

The 'Kiss From A Rose' star went on to insist the party taught him a valuable lesson as he was able to see how many people truly care for him. He added of the bash: "It was a teaching moment. I have to accept that people are there because they care. If for some reason my time actually was up now, I would not be looking back on my life saying: ‘God, what a waste.’ I would say my first couple of years were a bit rocky but, man oh man, did you make up for it."