Review of Like Angels Album by Screaming Lights

Review of Screaming Lights album Like Angels

Screaming Lights Like Angels Album

Hailing from the music hotpot that is the North-west of England, Liverpool collective Recorded with Dan Grech earlier in the year, Screaming Lights released 'Like Angels' in October 2009 through the Anti label. It is the culmination of two year's work condensed into a debut record.

Like many of their geographical peers a psychedelic tone runs through the work of Screaming Angels, but the serious delivery of vocals from Jay Treadell and Liam Riley sees the dark indie feel of Editors and White Lies springing to mind. It makes for an intriguing juxtaposition, particularly on the initial optimism of 'Hello Tomorrow' which is then smashed by a glorious "f*ck you" line. Energy ranges from the enthusiastic vigour of the rhythm-driven 'Volts' to the tranquillity of the melodic 'Air In A Lung', both of which display a rather impressive ability from Screaming Lights to change the mood without losing quality from their songwriting. They even show a knack for combining indie and dance on the likes of 'Exit Wound' and 'Rainmaker', which regularly leaves you wondering what is coming next - something which could be proposed to the band itself, for there's certainly a lot of potential displayed on 'Like Angels'. Wide exposure may have eluded them so far, but if they build from this platform then it'd be surprising to see them ignored for much longer.

Alex Lai

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