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Scouting For Girls
It's Not About You
EP Review

Scouting For Girls It's Not About You EP

A Piano, Bass and Drums are the ingredients that make up Scouting For Girls, oh and Roy, Greg and Peter (Must remember the guys that actually play the instruments. The obvious question is, are these guys just another Keane and is this the start of a load of Keane sounding bands to come? Oh lets hope not!

It's Not About You is the new EP to come from Scouting For Girls, are Eps going to be the New Single? By the by that is not the point, the point is all about this three track EP. First up is the title track It's Not About You, which quite a few people would recognise as soon as they hear it. The only thing is that people would be in a pub saying, 'I really like this, but I just don't know who sings it' SCOUTING FOR GIRLS!!!!!! This is such an infectious sound that make Keane sound basic, boring and bland. Then with Keep On Walking there is a twist in the tale, with a sound that has that Athlete feel. Roy's vocal not to dissimilar to Joel Pott from Athlete and the careful way that this song has been put together builds up another great track with the carefully placed drum beats that finish the song off perfectly. Keep On Walking is like a well-oiled machine. To the final hurdle we come to in the shape of Mountain Of Navaho. In short, quick and straight to the point this is like a typical pop song that has such a great tune to it, and ensures that you will not be able to label this band under a genre of music.

It seems that Scouting For Girls just pick up their stuff and play what ever works at the time and what mood they are in. You get the feeling that they just play whatever they like on what makes them happy. Lets face it, it does show through the music and it does brush off on you while you listen to it. It just goes to show what can be done, maybe Keane should take note!

Mark Moore

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