Kim and Kanye Wed

The Wedding: Kim and Kanye got married last weekend. Kthxbai. It has been pretty hard to avoid but if you want to know more about their wedding, click here, get the goss on their weirdly un-Kardashian honeymoon, head here, or find out why Kim's brother Rob decided to skip the wedding here.

The Outrage: Seth Rogen has been forced to abandon his goofy bear act this week to stand up against Washington Post critic Ann Hornaday, who wrote a controversial column implying that the "frat-boy" style movies comedians Rogen and Judd Apatow produce could have fuelled Elliot Rodger's horrific mass shooting last week. Rogen and Apatow let Hornaday have it...and it wasn't even slightly funny. Read more.

The Haunting: Coldplay! Love or hate the melancholic English rockers but they've just broken 2014 chart records with their latest album, Ghost Stories. Read our review here. We're not going to mention the "C-U" phrase here, but it's pretty clear that lead singer Chris Martin's personal life has created the perfect conditions for the record to give fellow chart toppers Michael Jackson and The Black Keys a good scaring. Find out more.

Snoop Dogg

The Activist: Rapper Snoop Dogg may have raised a few eyebrows when he announced he was forming the charity No Guns Allowed to combat gun crime amongst youths but the 'Gin and Juice' star has stuck by his word and has rallied his fellow hip hop stars to take responsibility and be good role models in the wake of Elliot Rodger's mass shooting. He's pretty eloquent too - find out what he had to say on the matter at a recent press conference. And check out his Drake collab to promote the cause here.

The Drugs: Oh, One Direction. Consider your squeaky clean reputation tarnished all thanks to the irresponsible antics of Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, who filmed themselves smoking weed whilst driving to a concert in Peru. Fans were upset but it was the racial slur that Louis used that could cost them dearly on their upcoming mammoth tour of the US. And find out why Harry Styles refused to fly with his careless pals.

The Protester: Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce, has taken to online activism by stepping out on to the streets of New York completely topless. Why? All is revealed here, but it has something to do with photo sharing site Instagram. Oh, and #FreeTheNipple indeed.

Eva Green

The Banning: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For saw one of their promotional posters banned this week because too much of Eva Green's boob was on show. Check out the sequel's trailer. The MPAA, the American board of movie classification found that they could see too much of Ms. Green's nipple to sign the poster off. Naturally, since the banning has had so much publicity, everyone has seen it anyway. You can too here.

The Panning: Sorry Seth Macfarlane, your new movie sucks. Or at least that's what critics are telling us. We were never expecting anything particularly highbrow from the Ted and Family Guy maker but the least he could do was put some quality jokes and gags in his latest comedy, which many reviewers have found distinctly lacking. Poop, sex, and slapstick deaths. Yep, it's a Macfarlane classic. Read our pick of the worst reviews here and decide for yourself by watching the trailer.

Video Of The Week - 'This Is Where I Leave You' Trailer: This Is Where I Leave You is an upcoming comedy adaptation starring Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Adam Driver, and Rose Byrne. Based on the Jonathan Tropper book, the movie centres on Judd Foxman (Bateman) who reunites with his siblings at their childhood home when their father dies. It's out in September. Watch the trailer here.