Music mogul Scott Storch cut all ties with billionaire oil heir Brandon Davis after the socialite allegedly stole one of the producer's diamond watches.
Storch considered the Hollywood party king one of his good pals until he realised Davis had swiped his $100,000 (£66,670) timepiece during a bash at his Palm Island, Florida mansion.
The producer searched everywhere for his prized watch and then checked surveillance camera footage to make sure it hadn't been picked up at his party.
The footage prompted him to phone Davis, who broke down in tears and confessed to the crime.
But the producer agreed not to turn Davis in to police after he begged for forgiveness, reports Details magazine.
And Storch admits his former drug habit often left him so strung out, he couldn't care less about anything that happened around him.
He tells the men's publication, "People tell me they couldn't talk to me when I was high. I was uninterested in anything. My attention span was like, two seconds."
Storch has since kicked his drug addiction after a stint in rehab. He was forced to file for bankruptcy earlier this year (09).