LIL' KIM and troubled hip-hop producer Scott Storch have reportedly patched up their differences after a luxury car he gave the rapper was repossessed.
The MC was left red-faced when a Bentley Storch gave her was tracked down by its leasing company and towed away from her New Jersey home.
It later emerged that the beatmaker had allegedly missed out on the vehicle's monthly payments - but had sent executives at the Florida firm on a seven-month search after failing to hand over the keys.
But the pair appear to have put the past behind them after they were spotted hanging out together at hotspot Liv in Miami, Florida last weekend (25-26Jul09).
A source tells New York gossip column Page Six that Storch is attempting to get his life back on track after leaving rehab earlier this year (09) in a bid to land a reality TV series.
The insider adds, "Scott just wants to get his life together and rebuild friendships."
Storch pleaded not guilty to a motor vehicle theft charge in relation to the missing Bentley in April (09).