Scott Stapp has lost custody of his children, according to a report on an entertainment website. A judge in Florida has ruled in favour of Stapp's estranged wife Jaclyn allegedly due to growing concerns about his mental well-being.

Scott Stapp
Scott Stapp performing with Creed in 2010.

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Former model and Miss New York Jaclyn has gained sole custody of their three children, according to reports in TMZ. The couple have three children together: Jagger, 16, Milan, 7, and Daniel, 4. The report surfaced on Saturday (12th December) and it appears Jaclyn has gained sole custody over their children and possession of their family home. It is uncertain if Stapp has any visitation rights. 

Things appear to be going from bad to worse for the former Creed front man. Stapp was held for 72 hours in a psychiatric ward after police last month and most recently reports surfaced about Stapp allegedly threatening to kill President Obama. Stapp, when he made the alleged threats, had apparently gone missing from a psychiatric facility. 

TMZ obtained the 911 recordings of the incident in which Stapp's wife Jaclyn and her sister plead with the police to help. They claim Stapp is planning to assassinate the President as the IRS were interfering with his life because he criticised Obama. After his family reportedly contacted police, according to reports in the NY Daily News, Jaclyn requested a 60 day extended psychiatric hold. 

The news of Stapp's problems broke when he was first committed after being discovered by police in an apparent drug fuelled state. Stapp, later in November, then posted a bizarre video in which he claimed to be penniless but drug free. 

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