Review of Elusive Single by Scott Matthews

Scott Matthews
Single Review

Phew, another singer/songwriter! Just when you think all the mobile phone companies are running out of advertisement options, another one pops up. And I can't help but to think that after the unforgivable rise of Jack Johnson, record labels are going out of their way to snap up anyone with a hint of talent.

The sarcasm aside, Matthews displays a competent knack of song writing ability and has an equally competent voice. The ambience is set to melancholy and the output is average.

The template is followed to perfection. Just the E and A sting are strummed, a sigh and then Scott begins to pour his sorry soul into the microphone. "She is elusive and I'm awake".

The sound of a tambourine for the start of the second verse, some soft well executed harmonies all adds to the tolerable song.

Never really escaping the mundane plodding pace of middling, and at times I wonder what I should do about food tonight.

For the die hard's who hanker after normality and never like to be challenged let alone entertained by their music.

Scott Matthews Elusive Single

"The Wasp & The Jar" is equally listenable.


Elliott Bambrough