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11th September 2016

Quote: "There was a role recently that I thought was one of the best scripts out there that I auditioned for. It's called Passengers, and it's coming out in December... But, you know, he's Chris Pratt, so they're going to hire him. Who's Scott Eastwood?" Scott Eastwood is still upset he missed out on a role in new film Passengers to Guardians of the Galaxy hunk Chris Pratt.

18th November 2015

Quote: "A while ago my agents got offered a charity poker tournament with a Victoria's Secret model. They passed because they thought I'd think it was too low-rent. I said, 'I'm single. I love Victoria's Secret models, and I like poker. Don't ever pass on something without asking me again!'" Actor Scott Eastwood was upset when he learned he'd missed out on the chance to play cards with a top model.

24th August 2015

Fact: Movie hunk Scott Eastwood will play Taylor Swift's love interest in her new video for Wildest Dreams, which will premiere on Sunday night (30Aug15) before the MTV Video Music Awards.

9th April 2015

Quote: "Apparently I'm on Tinder and I didn't even know...!" Actor Scott Eastwood warns fans not to be fooled by a 21-year-old man, called David, who is using a photo of Clint Eastwood's son for his profile picture on the popular dating app.

8th April 2015

Quote: "Every film I've been in of his I auditioned for, and some I haven't gotten roles in! (When that happens) there's no conversation, you just don't get a phone call back!" Scott Eastwood jokes about missing out on parts in his filmmaker dad Clint's movies.

31st March 2015

Quote: "I'm doing a movie up there called Suicide Squad. I can’t tell you anything. It’s all under 'shhhh'." Scott Eastwood confirms reports he'll be part of the star-studded comic book villains movie.

26th March 2015

Fact: Clint Eastwood's actor son Scott is following in his father's footsteps and working on getting his licence to become a helicopter pilot. The Dirty Harry star is an avid aviation fan, and instilled his passion of planes in his son at a young age.

20th November 2013

Quote: "I don't eat for pleasure, I eat for nutrients. Workout-wise, I do multiple things a day. I go the gym in the morning, then I do jujitsu, then I play basketball." Clint Eastwood's actor/model son Scott Eastwood, who was named among People magazine's 2013 sexiest men alive, follows a strict regiment to stay in shape.

25th September 2013

Quote: "I think as he's become older too, I think I've become closer to him. My father's in his eighties, so I have to come to grips with the fact that he won't be around as long as say most of my friends' fathers." Scott Eastwood has a close relationship with his screen legend father Clint Eastwood.

24th September 2013

Quote: "He gave me some nice genes, so I thank him for that." Scott Eastwood credits his father Clint Eastwood for his good looks.

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