With so much news surrounding Ant-Man recently, Marvel is moving on full steam ahead with its next phase of films, including pre-production for Dr. Strange. The studio has just found a director for the project in Sinister helmer Scott Derrickson. At least those are the rumors, although according to Variety, talks between Derrickson and the studio are still in the early stages.

Scott Derrickson
What does the future hold for the Marvel cinematic universe?

Derrickson, whose work falls largely within the paranormal/horror genre would be a bold choice style-wise. Marvel’s cinematic universe so far has been defined by a lighter and more humorous tone than competitors like the Dark Knight franchise or 2013’s Man of Steel. If Derrickson is hired, however, he is likely to infuse the Dr. Strange movie with his own, much darker style. The departure might work for the character, whose image in the comic book universe has always been associated with mysticism and mythology.

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The original comic book that introduced Dr. Strange centered on Dr Stephen Vincent Strange, a former neurosurgeon, who in his superhero career serves as “Sorcerer Supreme”, the primary protector of Earth.

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Also, did we mention that the doc is quite the looker?