Moviemaker Scott Cooper has pledged to find roles for film legend Robert Duvall in all his projects after the actor helped him stage a dream wedding at his historic Virginia horse farm.
Cooper was working on Civil War epic Gods & Generals with Duvall when the movie veteran invited him home for lunch - and then insisted he stage his impending nuptials there.
Cooper recalls, "It was very magical. We grew very close and he knew that I was engaged and my wife and I are both from Virginia. He lives in horse country up there and Mr. Duvall had me out to lunch one day to his home, which is in the national registry; it's an historic place because it's pre-Revolutionary War and was reputed to have been visited by George Washington on many occasions.
"It's stunning, literally like heaven. He said, 'What do you think of this place?' I said it was incredibly gorgeous. It looked like England. He said, 'I'd like you to get married here.' I didn't even have to call my wife. I said, 'We accept!'
"It was a very beautiful garden wedding and very special to me, and my wife wants to be buried on his farm."