Scissor Sisters new album was named by singer Jake Shears' mother.

The 'Only the Horses' band will release fourth record, 'Magic Hour', at the end of the month and Jake admits they were stuck for a title until his parent stepped in.

He told the BBC: ''Do you know what? This album was almost called 'Scissor Sisters 4'. We literally changed the title 20 minutes before. We had no clue.

Guitarist Baby Daddy added: ''It kind of came from Jake's mom, actually.''

Jake then explained: ''It did! I was really frustrated, so she took two of my friends, went in her car, had the CD on, and took a pen. They went through the whole album and wrote down any possible title.''

Jake, 33, added he doesn't feel there is ''any such thing'' as selling out in 2012, as record sales continue to decline and artists turn to sponsorship and advertisers to make a living.

He added: ''The music industry is collapsing all around us. There's no such thing as selling out any more. Anybody will do anything. There are things that we would never have considered before.

''Will you go play on a talent show on TV? 'Absolutely not.' Whereas now, you're like, 'Oh My God, thank you!'''

'Magic Hour' is released on May 28.