Review of She's My Man Single by Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters
She's My Man
Single Review

Scissor Sisters She's My Man Single

If Sean out of Coronation Street was ever asked to name his favourite band at this moment in time, the odds are he would say Scissor Sisters. That's correct guys and dolls the campest band in the land return with their new single She's My Man, off their second album TADDA!

For the people out there who loathe this band, unfortunately the novelty still has not warn off. People are still out there being mesmerised be this happy go lucky music that the Scissor Sisters play. In reality this is an average song even by the Scissor Sisters standard. It is not really up to anything that they have released before. So could this be the start of the whole novelty wearing off? If there was a definition for these guys then it fall somewhere close to post wedding reception music!

Mark Moore

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