In case you're still wondering why people are running around with their phones out expressing a wish to 'catch 'em all' and posting screenshots of cartoons in their backyard on social media, let us explain. They are addicted to a new gaming app for iOS and Android called Pokémon Go.

Pokemon GoPokémon Go has got the world glued to their devices (but at least we're outside)

Pokémon Go is a GPS-based interactive mobile app that has just launched in the US and UK and has basically had everyone going nuts. You'd think it was aimed at kids; perhaps an ingenius method of getting them to play outside despite being glued to their phones. However, plenty of 20+ year olds have had a wave of early 2000s nostalgia.

Released on July 6th 2016, the game basically utilises two main features; your phone camera and your GPS. It's a free app with in-app purchases available. During gameplay, your avatar will be depicted walking around in a rudimentary recreation of your immediate surroundings within your area, just as you walk through your streets. Various landmarks are labelled as PokéStops, providing gameplay items when you get close enough, and others are Gyms where you can interact with other players and battle your Pokémon once you have reached level 5. 

The fun bit though is when your phone alerts you to nearby wild Pokémon. Get close enough and all you have to do is select the Pokémon that appears on your screen, your phone will go into camera mode and you can then throw Pokeballs at the Pokémon in your yard until you 'catch' it. There's 250 different ones to collect, though you can collect duplicates to 'Transfer' and exchange for Candy which allows you to Evolve your existing Pokémon. 

Literally everyone is playing it, with social media platforms full of hilarious memes and posts. Soulja Boy posted a screenshot just four days after the game was released showing a Pikachu apparently resting on his watch. Schoolboy Q is jealous; he told Fader in a video that Pikachu is 'the only Pokey-Man I really know'. 'That Pokey-Man s**t, I been playing that s**t', he confessed. 'I just got it. I ain't never f**ked with Pokey-Man in my life. I done caught like five Pokey-Men on the way here. I just got it, I'm already at level 4. I'm trying to get to level 5 so I can go to the gym and I can start battling.'

Chrissy Teigan, Eliza Dushku and Mario Lopez also admitted to playing it and John Mayer even said on Instagram that he wanted to spend $99.99 on 14,500 PokéCoins. Ellen DeGeneres has been Tweeting about it, and it's starting to get Wiz Khalifa paranoid. 'I feel like there's Pokemon all around me and I just don't know it', he said.

Others have been outed by their friends for their new obsession. Nick Jonas is currently on tour with Demi Lovato and it seems he's noticed a problem. 'Demi just seriously said out loud... "There's no f**kin Pokemon here?!" #thisisoutofhand', he wrote on Twitter. Over in the UK, 'This Morning' outed Phillip Schofield by quoting him as saying 'I haven't got time for TV, I've got to download #PokemonGo!'.

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More unlikely players come in the form of WWE promoter Vince McMahon, who found Gastly while he was working out at the gym (a REAL gym, that is). 'I don't care who you are... Get OUT of my weight room!' He said. Plus, 'Harry Potter' actress Evanna Lynch started to get a bit concerned about the Pokémon she was transferring. 'But what exactly is Professor Oak doing with all these Pokemon I am transferring?? #shitvegansthinkabout', she wrote.

Have we tempted you yet?