Jonathan Glazer’s ‘Under The Skin’ is released tomorrow in the U.K; the oft-talked about thriller sees Scarlett Johansson play an alien in human form, who – on a mission on earth – acts as a seductress, luring men and sending them back to her home planet, where they are considered a delicacy.

Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johnasson in Under The Skin

The eerie film has attracted plenty of attention, partly due to its filming technique – Johansson drove around Glasgow in a van, inviting men to join her. Some agreed, some didn’t, and out of the ones that did, a select few were chosen to actually appear in the movie.

"Scarlett never wavered in her convictions. We spoke very plainly about the situations I was going to put her in because I wanted to read how she would feel about them and she understood that all of those things were required of her. She was fearless," said Glazer, speaking to RTÉ Ten.

The film has also faired well with the critics, accumulating a solid score of 89% on review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes. “In refusing to spoon-feed the audience information, Glazer's film instead burrows into the brain, the ambiguous nature of proceedings making it all-the-more beguiling. The result is a film that's hard to shake after the credits have rolled,” wrote Chris Tilly of IGN Movies.

That’s not the only reason bums will land on seats for this one, because Johansson performs her first nude scene. It’s not right – in fact it’s a shameful indictment of the movie industry – but Johansson appearing naked on camera (not via a leaked pic) has generated plenty of hype, and will surely boost attendances, or illegal downloads. Probably illegal downloads.

So whatever reason you choose to go and see 'Under The Skin' this weekend – intriguing filming methods, genuinely powerful storytelling or crude nudity – go and see it you should.

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