Scarlett Johansson is planning a superhero clear-out of her house.

The actress plays Russian spy Black Widow in upcoming movie 'Iron Man 2' while her husband Ryan Reynolds starred as villain Deadpool in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine', and Scarlett admits their house is getting cluttered with comics.

She said: "There is a lot of superhero stuff going on for us at the moment. We have quite a few stacks of comic books. We're in different universes but it's fun to get into that whole world together even if there is quite a stack of comic books taking up space!"

Although Scarlett wants to dump the comics, the 24-year-old blonde star is keen to reprise her role for another Marvel comic book adaptation.

She recently said: "The Black Widow has many different incarnations and different storylines so I'm hoping she will be able to continue in that way. I'm hoping that if the fans like the character and support the character, we'll see her again."

Ryan is already in talks to have his own spin-off movie - based around Deadpool, a disfigured and mentally unstable mutant mercenary.