Scarlett Johansson's mother wouldn't let her go out when she was younger.

The Hollywood beauty - who is now married to actor Ryan Reynolds - was banned from partying and dating boys by her overprotective mom, Melanie Sloan.

She said: "There were rules. My mother not only told me not to go out with actors but not even to go out."

Scarlett, 24, isn't the only famous face to speak out about their strict parents.

Megan Fox previously revealed she was regularly punished as a teenager and forbidden from socialising with her friends.

The 23-year-old brunette beauty explained: "I was grounded for all of my childhood. Not most - all. I wasn't doing anything particularly crazy. I just never appreciated authority figures preaching to me."

'Mama Do' singer Pixie Lott has also confessed she is desperate to escape her family home so she can party without having a curfew.

The British star said: "I really want to move to London. I love my parents but I think it would be great to buy an apartment and live with friends in the city. I hate having to get the train into London - I want to be there all the time! I love it! Plus I'm 18 now, so I think it would be a really, really fun thing to do. Oh my God, the parties!"