Scarlett Johansson loves bar-hopping by bicycle.

The 'Avengers Assemble' actress is huge fan of Amsterdam and their bike riding culture, and has lots of fun whenever she is there riding between different drinking establishments.

She told Marie Claire magazine: ''Last time I went to Amsterdam I spent a lot of time riding bikes from one bar to the next, drunken cycling!''

Scarlett, 28, regularly travels all around the world acting and modelling, and lists a few more of her favourite things as authentic Mexican and doughnuts in New York, and department store Liberty in London.

She added: ''I love Mole in New York for its Mexican. They it serves classic regional dishes and the sauce is flown in from Mexico. It's very authentic.

''And Babycakes is a vegan bakery, that is so yummy. The doughnuts are incredible with a cakey texture.

''Liberty has such cool things. Even the flowers are amazing. The fashion buyer has a good eye for very nice pieces.''