Scarlett Johansson has been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The 27 year old will be hitting cinema screens in her native Usa this weekend, playing the role of Black Widow in the Marvel Comics adaptation Avengers: Assemble.
Wearing a black and white geometric-patterned ensemble, Scarlett told the gathered crowd "when I was told I was getting this star, I thought to myself, man, I really made it to the big time. You know, no matter what happens from here on out, I made my mark, I'm here to stay, and my family for generations to come will always be able to visit me right here, always. What a deeply, deeply touching gift." Jeremy Renner also made a brief speech abut his friend and colleague, and joked "working with her was awful. For six months, she continuously threw me around, beat me, stepped on me and wiped the floor with my dignity and self-respect every day - all with a smile on her face."
With Avengers: Assemble expected to enjoy a spectacularly lucrative domestic opening weekend in the Usa this weekend, Scarlett has already been discussing the possibility of her very own Black Widow movie. "I've spoken to Marvel about it and Kevin Feige," she told Total Film, "and there's so much story to draw from, I think it'd be totally awesome."