Scarlett Johansson's performance in Spike Jonze's upcoming romantic flick, 'Her', is not even been considered for a Golden Globe.

The 29 year-olds hopes of winning at ceremony were shattered as her role was ruled ineligible by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, first reported by The Wrap.

It was all due on a little technicality, Johansson doesn't actually appear in the film, only her voice does.

The 'Don Jon' actress appears, in the near future, as a new downloadable "operating system" named 'Samantha' who has the power to evolve.

Scarlett, or her voice, stars alongside Joaquin Phoenix, who plays 'Theodore Twombly', a man that was recently left heartbroken after he separates from his wife, Catherine (Rooney Mara). Now feeling lonely he decides to purchase the new virtual companion.

'Samantha', who sees everything through a camera, quickly desires to be a human, and they both form a deep romantic bond with each other, sparking a love tale between a human and technology.

However, the award season is not all lost for Johansson as she is still eligible for the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Oscars.

Furthermore, the 'Avengers' actress has already won a 'Best Actress' award for the role at this year's (2013) Rome Film Festival.

The refusal to consider this performance will undoubtedly bring up a long-heated Hollywood argument to what actually defines an acting performance.

The HFPA also tried to make a Swiss documentary, called 'More Than Honey', ineligible earlier this year in the Best Foreign Language Film' category, citing documentaries are not acting pieces, but evidence quickly surfaced that there was no rule to back this claim.

Nominations for the 2014 Golden Globes will be announced on December 12th.

Watch the 'Her' trailer here