Scarlett Johansson has openly addressed the rumour of a standalone movie for her Marvel character, Black Widow. The 29-year-old told reporters at last night's Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiere: "If you want to see a Black Widow spin-off movie, then I want to see it. We'll see. We will put the request in to Marvel tomorrow," via Digital Spy.

Scarlett Johansson Captain America 2
Scarlett Johansson Has Openly Embraced The Notion Of A Black Widow Spin-Off Movie.

Scarlett's embrace of her many fans' wish for her to take centre-stage in her own superhero movie echoes Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige's announcement that Johansson's character is to be explored further in Captain America and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and that a standalone movie may also be in the works.

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"We learn more about her past and learn more about where she came from and how she became in that film," said Feige, via Total Film, adding "The notion of exploring that even further in her own film would be great, and we have some development work with that."

Scarlett reprises her Avengers role as Natasha Romanoff in Winter Soldier alongside Chris Evans, in a plot that follows Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, trying to come to terms with his place in the modern world and teaming up with Black Widow to face off the mysterious Winter Soldier.

Speaking at the London press conference for the upcoming film yesterday (20th March) Scarlett said: ''You'll get more of Widow's back story in 'Avengers 2'. She has a rich, rich past. She definitely comes from a really dark past, she's had to de-sensitise or de-humanise in way to be able to do and see some of the things she's seen and participated in willingly. And there was probably some kind of people who have that drug description, like mercenary."

Captain America Chris Evans
Chris Evans Reprises His Role As Captain America In 'The Winter Soldier.'

Her words at the premiere may have tantalised her fans but at the press conference she was more pragmatic: ''More interestingly, what would probably be to follow the progression of that story. And you know, bring her back home, and see where that leads to. Of course that's all in my imaginary next installment. [...] We've thrown the ball around a little bit but nothing is in the works for that right now.''

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be released on the 26th March in the UK and on the 4th April in the USA.

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