Scarlett Johansson always has time for shopping.

The 'Iron Man 2'actress - who is married to 'Green Lantern' actor Ryan Reynolds - insists her profession doesn't keep her as busy as it may seem and she often goes long periods without work.

She explained: "I don't have the busiest agenda. I'm just an actress for hire. So I have months and months where I just sit around and wait for jobs. There's always time for shopping".

For those times she is working, Scarlett talked about her ideal wardrobe for a movie career that takes her all over the world.

She said: "When I'm travelling the most important things is to pack items that go easily from day to night. So that could be a nice easy jacket or blazer, a pair of black trousers, boots, and a dress that can be worn with leggings."

Scarlett has previously admitted that she enjoys having fun with fashion but doesn't think her style is any different to that of other women.

She said: "I'm a girl - of course I like getting dressed up. I'm a girlie girl, I like clothes, fashion and all that stuff. It's fun.

"But I think I dress like a regular girl from New York."