On Tuesday (November 27, 2012), Scarlett Johansson fulfilled a lifelong ambition.

What more could the 28 year-old BAFTA Award-winning actress possibly want out of life, we hear you cry (other than maybe a Golden Globe... or an Oscar). Well, according to Entertainmentwise, the Lost In Translation star has always wanted to be a weather girl and Al Roker’s well-timed absence from The Today show gave her the perfect opportunity to do that.

Johansson was appearing on the daytime show to promote her new movie Hitchcock and jumped at the chance to read the weather for them, as Al Roker was suffering from laryngitis. When asked if she had enough experience to take on the momentous task of filling Roker’s shoes for the day, Scarlett joked “I have a lot of experience with the weather, yes.” She then said that it was “a dream come true,” to do with the weather with Al Roker, before she was hastily corrected: “oh no, you’re doing the weather FOR Al Roker!”

Scarlett was then filmed outside, reading from a script and doing her best to wave knowledgably at a map, whilst Roker held an umbrella over her to stop her getting overwhelmed by the ACTUAL weather. She did a sterling job of, er, reading a script and waving at a map and even remembered Roker’s catchphrase at the end, saying “here’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods.”