For the gangster in the family who has everything, Universal plans to offer a 30th anniversary limited-edition of its 1982 cult classic Scarface for under $1,000 (all, right, $999.99). The studio said on Tuesday that the special DVD package, to be released on Sept. 6, will contain a very special "extra" -- a hand-painted humidor constructed of Spanish cedar wood by Daniel Marshall -- "the very finest in personal cigar storage systems" -- with a "collection" of hand-rolled 100 Habanos cigars. That item could prove to be a bit sticky for Universal if they are the actual Habanos Cuban product. Commercial importation of Cuban cigars remains illegal in the U.S., although individuals are permitted to bring up to two boxes of Cuban cigars into the country from abroad. Universal has said that it plans to release 1,000 of these Scarface sets, which presumably means that someone has supplied it with at least 1,000 boxes of Cuban cigars in violation of the U.S. embargo. For non-gangsters, Universal said it will offer a Scarface Blu-ray collectible package without the humidor and cigars for $34.98. And Amazon has begun taking orders for the deluxe set for the discounted price of $699.99.