Rapper Scarface has an unlikely new hobby - he's addicted to golf.
The star, real name Brad Jordan, fell in love with the genteel game after he joined his teenage daughter for a round one afternoon.
And he was so humiliated after losing to her, he vowed to perfect his swing and get some revenge.
He tells MTV.com, "My daughter played golf. She was taking golf lessons. I bought her some clubs, and I bought me some clubs. I got out there thinking it was all fun and games, and my daughter kicked my ass.
"Can you imagine getting beat by your 14-year-old daughter? That kinda hurt my pride. So I'm trying to get good so I can play my daughter again... Messing with wanting to hit the ball straighter and even straighter and wanting to chip the ball and place the ball got me addicted.
"So when I wake up in the morning, I'm going to hit some balls. I play every day. Every single day. I look forward to Sunday. That's my favourite day to play, because I play with some old cats that are my buddies."
And, although he has only been swinging clubs for a year, Scarface jokes that he'd love to test himself against his hero Tiger Woods.
He adds: "Vijay Singh would kick my ass. Tiger Woods, on the other hand, I might kick Tiger's ass. Nah. God sent Tiger Woods here to play golf for real."