Review of Accelerated Living Album by Saviours

Review of Saviours album Accelerated Living

Saviours Accelerated Living Album

Mmm, it's time for what may or may not be some Christian metal- I say this as there isn't any reference to them being such, yet the name, song titles of the band, album artwork and general demeanour point to this. I wasn't hopeful of a Devil Wears Prada revelation having seen the aforementioned album artistry- an alienating combination of pinks and yellows depicting something -but, slipping the disc in revealed a reasonably mediocre rendition of some Dream Theater songs played by Motörhead with a hangover.

The vocals aren't good, the drums are fantastically played in the same way many times, the guitars are technical but the songs just aren't very good, there's no hooks and while this isn't the idea, obviously, it's nice to be able to remember what you've just listened to, 5 minutes after it's finished. The solos are along the same lines: there are lots of them and they're pretty technical, but they sound akin to the solos of a teenager, having just learned about the magic of two-handed tapping. It's a very indulgent style of music to play, and it alienates the listener.

Conrad Hughes

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