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5th April 2015

Fact: Oscar-nominated actor Michael Keaton revisited his iconic roles as Batman and Beetlejuice during his guest-hosting stint on U.S. sketch show Saturday Night Live this weekend (04Apr15) by delivering a few lines as the popular characters in his opening monologue, much to the studio audience's delight. The Birdman star also showed off his comedy skills in a creepy Easter segment, in which he donned a blond wig and proceeded to show off the contents of his Easter basket, including an "eggscellent" dyed egg, a rabbit soft toy he named Glenn, in honour of Glenn Close's bunny-boiling character in Fatal Attraction, and unleavened bread for his Jewish friends, which he explained, "unlike Jesus, it doesn't rise".

19th February 2015

Quote: "I am very appreciative of Eddie and I applaud his actions." Bill Cosby applauds fellow comic Eddie Murphy for refusing to portray the embattled stand-up comedian in a sketch during the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special on Sunday (15Feb15). The Beverly Hills Cop actor returned to the U.S. comedy series after more than 30 years for the special, but did not take part in any of the sketches and simply gave a brief speech. Former Snl cast member and writer Norm MACdonald has since revealed he tried to convince Murphy to play Cosby during the Celebrity Jeopardy segment, but Murphy turned it down as he did not want to poke fun at the star, who has faced a long line of sex abuse allegations in recent months.

17th February 2015

Quote: "I just got hugged by Paul MCCartney and Paul Simon within five minutes and I thought I was going to pass out." Comedienne Melissa McCarthy was left stunned during the star-studded 40th anniversary special of U.S. sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live on Sunday night (15Feb15).

16th February 2015

Quote: "I wish my friend Tracy Morgan was here tonight, and I know that he was hoping he would be well enough to be here too... If he were here tonight, I'm sure Tracy would remind us that more than anything, he'd like to get us all pregnant." Tina Fey honours her former 30 Rock co-star as she returned to Saturday Night Live for the comedy show's 40th anniversary special. Morgan, a former Snl castmember, is still recovering from a car accident which left him critically injured in June (14).

16th February 2015

Fact:  Former Saturday Night Live castmember Al Franken told executive producer Lorne Michaels he shouldn't hire Jim Carrey after he auditioned for the show in 1980. The funnyman, who didn't land a gig at the U.S. sketch comedy show, but has since hosted the programme four times, jokes that the now-U.S. Senator "put the kibosh on my career".

16th February 2015

Quote: "It's a lot like going back to your own high school. Everything kinda seems really tiny. I haven't been back here in 32 years." Comedian Eddie Murphy on returning to U.S. sketch show Saturday Night Live for its 40th anniversary special on Sunday night (15Feb15). The funnyman's four-season stint on the series initially helped to make him a star.

2nd February 2015

Fact: Sir Paul McCartney, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Justin Timberlake have been tapped to appear on the upcoming star-studded 40th anniversary special for U.S. sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. The live Tv event will air in America on 15 February (15).

8th December 2014

Fact: Rapper Nicki Minaj donned a risque outfit to portray her Flawless collaborator Beyonce during a sketch on U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live this weekend (06Dec14). The hip-hop star showed off her comedy acting skills for a segment spoofing the nativity story, with series regulars portraying Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Rick Ross, Eminem, Kanye West and Riff Raff alongside Minaj.

16th November 2014

Fact: Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson shocked the audience on Saturday Night Live on Saturday (15Nov14) when they made a surprise appearance on the U.S. sketch show during their The Hunger Games co-star Woody Harrelson's opening monologue. The actors joined guest host Harrelson as he sang a parody of Taylor Swift's Blank Space about his marijuana-addled, fading memory.

4th November 2014

Quote: "I saw those commercials and I immediately called Snl and I said, 'This has to stop.'" Funnyman Jim Carrey on his spot-on impression of Matthew MCConaughey in the Lincoln car commercial spoof, which aired while the comedian was hosting U.S. sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live last month (Oct14).

2nd November 2014

Fact: Prince made a rare Tv appearance on Saturday night (01Nov14) when he provided the music for U.S. comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live. Backed by his all-girl group 3rdEyeGirl, the pop superstar performed an uninterrupted seven-minute medley.

26th October 2014

Fact: Singer Rita Ora joined rapper Iggy Azalea for a surprise performance of their hit single Black Widow on U.S. sketch show Saturday Night Live on Saturday (25Oct14). Azalea also took part in a comedic sketch with host Jim Carrey as she performed a zany reenactment of Sia's Chandelier video.

12th October 2014

Tweet: "Was my great pleasure to know and work with both Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman when I first hosted #Snl in 1990. They were state of the art." Rob Lowe pays tribute to late Saturday Night Live (Snl) star Jan Hooks following her death on Thursday (09Oct14), and her former co-star Phil Hartman, who passed away in 1998.

29th September 2014

Fact: Eddie Murphy has topped a new list to find the highest-earning Saturday Night Live stars at the North American box office. The Dreamgirls star has grossed $5.79 billion at the box office thanks to his 38 films, according to - over a billion more than second placed Dan Aykroyd.

18th September 2014

Fact: Funnyman Darrell Hammond is returning to his roots on Saturday Night Live after landing the job of announcer on the new season of the U.S. comedy show. Hammond, who appeaerd as a regular castmember on the programme for 14 years until 2009, succeeds iconic Tv voiceover star Don Pardo, who died in August (14) at the age of 96.

14th August 2014

Quote: "I had such an amazing time with it and I was so proud with how it turned out that I just haven't done it since because I just kind of figured, that was so fun (I wouldn't be able to top it), but now I feel like enough time has passed where I would feel like I can go do it again." Taylor Swift is eager to return to U.S. sketch show Saturday Night Live to show off her comedy chops once more, five years after her last guest-hosting appearance in 2009.

6th July 2014

Fact: Former Saturday Night Live comedians Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers reunited on Saturday (05Jul14) as they celebrated the nuptials of ex-show writer/actor John Mulaney in Boiceville, New York. The old pals were among the guests at the Onteora Mountain House, where Mulaney tied the knot with his make-up artist fiancee Annemarie Tendler.

2nd July 2014

Fact: Comedian and former Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney is set to wed make-up artist Annamarie Tendler in the Catskill Mountains in New York on Saturday (05Jul14). The couple's guest list includes the groom's new Mulaney sitcom co-stars Martin Short and Elliott Gould, and ex-Snl regular Seth Meyers.

8th June 2014

Quote: "It's terrifying, and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. We all hope he makes it through. It's awful. We're just holding our breath." Funnyman Andy Samberg is keeping his former Saturday Night Live co-star Tracy Morgan in his thoughts after he was involved in an horrific car accident in New Jersey on Saturday (07Jun14). Morgan remains hospitalised in critical condition.

18th May 2014

Fact: Actress Maya Rudolph returned to U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live this weekend (17May14) to poke fun at the infamous elevator showdown between rapper Jay Z and his wife Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles by portraying the Irreplaceable hitmaker in the programme's opening skit. She appeared alongside Jay Pharoah as the hip-hop icon and Shasheer Zamata as his sister-in-law, who shared a spoof audio track to the leaked security footage of the post-MET Gala fight and claimed she was just trying to get a spider off Jay Z's jacket.

24th April 2014

Fact:  Singer St. Vincent postponed a string of U.K. tour dates next month (May14) so she could take part in an upcoming episode of U.S. comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live on 17 May (14). She previously blamed the rescheduling on "unforeseen scheduling conflicts".

6th April 2014

Fact: Pharrell Williams celebrated his 41st birthday over the weekend (05Apr14) by teaming up with Grammy and Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer for a performance of new song Marilyn Monroe on Saturday Night Live (05Apr14). The odd couple recently teamed up with director Marc Webb to create music for The Amazing Spider-Man sequel and Zimmer agreed to conduct a large string section backing Williams on Snl. Pharrell also performed his Oscar-nominated tune Happy, accompanied by an army of dancing kids and he appeared in a comedy sketch, during which Snl host Anna Kendrick auditioned to play one of his back-up singers.

2nd March 2014

Fact: The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons poked fun at retired U.S. Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir's elaborate fashion sense during his guest hosting stint on Saturday Night Live this weekend (01Mar14) by dressing up as the athlete for an interview segment with comedienne Kate MCKinnon, who posed as talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. He also showed off his vocal skills by performing a song called I'm Not That Guy during his opening monologue, detailing the differences between his real-life persona and his geeky physicist character Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.

20th February 2014

Quote: "Leo has never hosted Snl (Saturday Night Live) and has never been on the Snl stage and I was like, 'You're so funny and people don't get to see how funny you are... They know you're an amazing actor... But I told the writers, 'I'm not pitching that to him, what if he gets offended?' But (Leo) said, 'No, it's great! Let's do it.' It was so fun." Jonah Hill was apprehensive about asking his The Wolf Of Wall Street co-star Leonardo Dicaprio to join him on the U.S. sketch show last month (Jan14).

14th February 2014

Fact: The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons is set to make his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live on 1 March (14). The Emmy winner will be joined by musical guest Beck, who will make his seventh appearance on the long-running U.S. comedy series.

9th January 2014

Quote: "I really scored big with my daughter. I was on Snl (comedy show Saturday Night Live) for just a little bit when Paul Rudd hosted and One Direction was the musical guest that night and so I got One Direction to sign one of their photographs. The whole band, all the guys signed it for my daughter... That was in the stocking, so that was a big, big win." Funnyman Steve Carell made his 12-year-old girl Elisabeth's dreams come true at Christmas with autographs from her pop idols.

16th December 2013

Fact: Grudge Match co-stars Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone made a surprise appearance on U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live this weekend (14Dec13) when they took part in a parody of the story of the Three Wise Men with host John Goodman.

4th November 2013

Fact: Producers of hit U.S. sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live paid tribute to Lou Reed during their show at the weekend (02Nov13) by airing a clip of the late rocker performing his hit Suzanne on the programme in 1986. Reed, who died on 27 October (13) also appeared on the show in 2001 to confirm Internet reports he 'was' dead.

17th October 2013

Fact: Actress Kerry Washington will try her hand at sketch comedy for her first-ever appearance on U.S. show Saturday Night Live. The Scandal star will present the 2 November (13) episode, while rapper Eminem will serve as the musical guest.

30th September 2013

Fact: Canadian rockers Arcade Fire proved they were game for a laugh during an appearance on U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live this weekend (28Sep13) by taking part in a sketch called New Cast Member or Arcade Fire?. The segment featured guest host and former Snl regular Tina Fey as she tried to distinguish between singer Regine Chassagne and comedienne Noel Wells, musician Richard Parry and funnyman Kyle Mooney, and frontman Win Butler and programme newcomer Mike O'Brien, who both had to put on their best Robert De Niro impressions.

27th September 2013

Quote: "Falling in love in New York is really wonderful. I was shooting days and he was working at Snl (Saturday Night Live), so he got off work at like 2am and so did I. We'd meet for 3am dinners, which you can only do in a New York courtship. The streets were empty and you walk around, and that is how we got to know each other." Actress Olivia Wilde bonded with her now-fiance Jason Sudeikis over early morning dinner dates.

25th July 2013

Fact: Actor Jason Sudeikis has confirmed he will not be returning to American Tv show Saturday Night Live in the fall. The Horrible Bosses star was on the comedy sketch series for 10 seasons.

8th July 2013

Tweet: "I was watching a guy rapping really bad on SNL and I thought it was a skit but it turned out to be MACklemore." Rocker Nikki Sixx isn't a fan of the Thrift Shop hitmaker.

28th June 2013

Fact: Actor Fred Armisen has confirmed rumours he won't be returning for another season of hit sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. Elisabeth Moss' former husband spent 11 years on the U.S. programme honing his craft.

13th May 2013

Fact: Saturday Night Live comedian Seth Meyers will make his talk show hosting debut next year (14) when he takes over from fellow funnyman Jimmy Fallon on America's Late Night series. Fallon was recently announced as the successor to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

7th April 2013

Fact: Actress Melissa McCarthy pretended to fall to the ground as she kicked off this weekend's (06Apr13) Saturday Night Live comedy show after struggling to walk in a pair of towering platform heels. During the opening monologue skit, the Identity Thief star joked to the audience, "They (Tv producers) told me, 'Make sure you practise in your shoes.' I said, 'What? I live in heels!' But I don't do that. That was not honest. I'm primarily in a Croc. I just really wanted to get all gussied up for you guys. Wow, I can't feel anything from my arch to my toes. You could just bite that half off."

5th March 2013

Fact: Legendary Saturday Night Live announcer Don Pardo pulled out of voicing the introduction to Saturday's (02Mar13) show after breaking his hip. Sources tell the 95 year old is recovering well.

22nd February 2013

Fact: Justin Timberlake will take over U.S. late night host Jimmy Fallon's show next month (Mar13) for a week after he hosts and performs on Tv's Saturday Night Live. Timberlake will perform songs from his comeback album The 20/20 Experience on the show and appear in skits opposite comedian Fallon, who will also interview the pop star. The week-long Tv residency, which begins on 11 March (13), will come just before Timberlake releases his new album on 19 March (13). The singer will take over Snl, just as Justin Bieber did earlier this month (Feb13), on 9 March (13).

9th December 2012

Fact: Rapper 2 Chainz made a surprise appearance on this weekend's (08Dec12) episode of U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live, joining guest host Jamie Foxx during his opening monologue to perform his hit track Birthday Song.

8th November 2012

Fact: Anne Hathaway is set to host U.S. comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live this weekend (10-11Nov12). It marks her third stint as host after previous appearances in 2008 and 2010.

21st March 2012

Fact: Saturday Night Live funnyman Andy Samberg has co-founded new travel and activities website

11th March 2012

Fact: Tom Hanks thrilled fans by dropping by U.S. sketch show Saturday Night Live over the weekend (10Mar12) to tease host Jonah Hill about his failed bid to win an Oscar for his baseball drama Moneyball. Two-time Academy Award-winner Hanks then jokingly offered to lend Hill one of his own trophies to boost his ego.

20th February 2012

Fact: Singer Justin Timberlake thrilled Saturday Night Live fans at the weekend (18-19Feb12) by making a surprise cameo to parody budding act Bon Iver. The Social Network star donned a wig and played guitar while pretending to sing Beyonce and Jay Z' new daughter Blue Ivy a lullaby. The couple was portrayed by Maya Rudolph and funnyman Jay Pharoah.

19th December 2011

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is set to show off his comedic chops as a guest host on Us Tv hit Saturday Night Live. The actor will make his debut as a presenter on the sketch show on 14 January (12).

9th September 2011

Fact: Bosses at ice cream giant Ben & Jerry's have launched a new dessert flavour inspired by Alec Baldwin's famous skit on Saturday Night Live. The sweet treat - featuring fudge-covered rum balls, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate chunks - is called Schweddy Balls, after Baldwin's spoof chef Pete Schweddy.

3rd August 2011

Fact: Actor Alec Baldwin is set to make TV history this autumn (11) - he'll be hosting the season premiere of beloved U.S. comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live for the 16th time, which is an all-time record. Previously, Baldwin tied for the most Snl hosting stints with his 2010 Oscars co-host Steve Martin.

24th May 2011

Quote: "Justin was like, 'Umm, so, umm, we have a skit idea and umm, well, I'm not really good at this. I'll have Andy tell you.' Then Andy came and was like, 'Well, umm blah blah... We have this skit idea...' I finally got it out of them. It was so cute." Lady GaGa reveals Justin Timberlake and funnyman Andy Samberg hesitated to ask her to join in a sketch about threesomes for Saturday Night Live.

20th April 2011

Fact: U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live will go out with a bang on 21 May (11) - Singer/actor Justin Timberlake will return to host the programme's season finale and pop star Lady GaGa will hit the stage as the musical guest.

14th March 2011

Fact: Zach Galifianakis had U.S. TV viewers tickled as he hosted hit comedy show Saturday Night Live this weekend (12Mar11) after donning a short red and white dress to perform a lip-synced version of Tomorrow from musical Annie. The Hangover star danced around the stage and pretended to sing the words during the opening segment, while he also spoofed Bob Dylan's promo for Subterranean Homesick Blues by using big cue cards to poke fun at the audience.

7th March 2011

Quote: "It was pure genius because it was based on me, and Hader is a genius as well." Charlie Sheen is a big fan of funnyman Bill Hader's impression of the embattled actor, who was spoofed on U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live at the weekend (05Mar11).

11th February 2011

Fact: Teen superstar Miley Cyrus will test out her comedy skills next month (05Mar11) when she hosts hit U.S. sketch show Saturday Night Live for the first time.

6th February 2011

Fact: Justin Bieber wowed Saturday Night Live viewers in America at the weekend (05Feb11) when he showed off his comedy skills in a skit opposite guest host Dana Carvey's beloved Church Lady character. The teen turned up to tempt the religious censor with his good looks and 'Bieber fever'. Carvey and Mike Myers also served up a blast from the past on the show when they recreated their Wayne's World characters, Wayne and Garth.

2nd February 2011

Fact: Saturday Night Live bosses are courting controversy - racy comic Russell Brand and disgraced R&B star Chris Brown will guest on the weekly show's 12 February (11) episode.

9th January 2011

Quote: "Who's up for an amazing New Year? Who thinks 2011 will be the best year ever? Who thought 2010 was total crap? Wouldn't wanna go through that again." Jim Carrey rings in 2011 on a positive note as the guest host of comedy show Saturday Night Live.

20th December 2010

Quote: "Big Eminem fan! No, seriously! Not too hip to Lil Wayne, but Eminem... I'm digging Eminem and his acting too, 8 Mile was great." Veteran actor Jeff Bridges was excited to welcome the rappers as the musical guests during his hosting stint on U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live this weekend (18Dec10).

20th December 2010

Fact: Lil Wayne joined rap pal Eminem for an appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend (18Dec10) in his first live TV performance since walking free from prison for gun charges in November (10). The hip-hop stars hit the stage on the hit U.S. comedy show for a rendition of No Love, while Eminem later performed Won't Back Down and Wayne debuted his new song 6'7".

4th October 2010

Fact: Hollywood veterans Morgan Freeman and Ernest Borgnine made a surprise appearance on hit U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live this weekend (02Oct10), teaming up with funnyman Kenan Thompson for his What Up With That segment. This week's episode featured performances by Kanye West and was hosted by actor Bryan Cranston.

8th September 2010

Fact: Katy Perry and comedienne Amy Poehler will team up to launch the new season U.S. satirical show Saturday Night Live on 25 September (10) and the pop star is keen to show off her comedy skills. In a post on, announcing her SNL appearance, Perry writes, "Dear Amy Poehler can I please be your braced faced neighbor friend that hangs out with you & RICKKKKK! (sic)", referring to former show regular Poehler's most beloved comedy character.

7th July 2010

Fact: U.S. TV star Rachel Dratch is set to become a first-time mum. The former Saturday Night Live comedienne, 44, is due to give birth in September (10). The identity of the baby's father had not been released as WENN went to press.

17th May 2010

Fact: Alec Baldwin has entered the record books alongside his Oscars co-host and IT'S COMPLICATED co-star Steve Martin. The 30 ROCK star has tied the funnyman for the most times hosting hit U.S. comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live - he marked his 15th time as celebrity host on 15 May (10).

13th May 2010

Quote: "He didn't get fresh, he just got desperate I guess! He walked by and patted me... not on the shoulder!" Veteran actress Betty White jokes about flirting with rap superstar JAY-Z during her guest hosting spot on U.S. comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live last weekend (08May10).

8th May 2010

Quote: "Jay-Z has 99 Problems... This b**ch ain't one of them." Actress Betty White on hosting U.S. TV show Saturday Night Live with the rap mogul as her musical guest.

18th March 2010

Quote: "It all came out of nowhere. Somebody put (it on) Facebook. And they began to get hits. Years and years ago, I turned it down like three times because it's so New York and I'm not New York. I just thought the safe way to play it was not to do it. Well, then all of a sudden, this thing came and the next thing I know I'm going to be doing it in May." Betty White on the internet campaign which landed her a guest spot on U.S. TV show Saturday Night Live.

21st November 2009

Quote: "They made a porn movie about Sarah Palin and the same actress, Lisa Ann, played me in the porn version of 30 Rock. Weirdly, of the three of us, Lisa Ann knows the most about foreign policy." Tina Fey takes a swipe at the political knowledge of SARAH PALIN, the former U.S. Vice Presidential hopeful she mercilessly impersonated on U.S. TV show Saturday Night Live.

3rd November 2009

Quote: "I kinda feel like I might have a heart attack or pass out in the pitch meeting. I'm that excited." Country star Taylor Swift can't wait to test her comedy skills when she hosts live U.S. sketch show Saturday Night Live this weekend (07Nov09).

27th October 2009

Quote: "She’s really great. I guess I could say we’re friends. We got along famously. I love her daughter Lourdes." Lady GaGa bonded with pop superstar Madonna and her daughter when the stars teamed up for a skit on U.S. TV sketch show Saturday Night Live earlier this month (Oct09).

18th September 2009

Quote: "I have a fear of public speaking. I asked my publicist if I can do it drunk and she said no. I don't have a plan B." Actress Megan Fox is looking for last minute ways to relieve her anxiety before filming hit U.S. comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live later this month (Sep09).

14th August 2009

Quote: "There's nothing else like that show, where you can mash up everything you have. Every weapon in your arsenal, you can throw it out. I do like to make people laugh. I like it more than anything in the world." Justin Timberlake enjoys his cameo appearances on U.S. sketch show Saturday Night Live.

18th May 2009

Fact: Tom Hanks found himself in a sticky situation during an appearance on American comedy show Saturday Night Live on Saturday (16May09) - he got caught inside a cellophane sheet during a celebrity edition of U.S. game show Jeopardy.

14th May 2009

Quote: "It gets to be 2am, and they hand you a bottle of whipped cream and some syrup." Susan Sarandon reveals risque footage from her recent Saturday Night Live film short, in which she played Justin Timberlake's cougar lover, was cut.

12th May 2009

Quote: "My 16-year-old said it would be a classic, so I listened to him." Susan Sarandon on playing Justin Timberlake's lover in a hilarious U.S. Mother's Day (10May09) skit on Saturday Night Live.

16th February 2009

Quote: "Thank you Christian Bale, who has replaced me as the person most synonymous with recorded celebrity meltdowns." Alec Baldwin starts his hosting stint on U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live by poking fun at Batman Bale, who recently apologised for a lengthy on-set rant aimed at a crew member, which was recorded for insurance reasons and leaked.

9th January 2009

Quote: "I met her, and she said 'I'm a huge fan'. I had an Obama badge on. I felt like a backstabber." Singer Adele on meeting former U.S. vice-president candidate Sarah Palin backstage at American comedy show Saturday Night Live.

9th December 2008

Fact: Spanish TV viewers are to get their own version of classic U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live. Network Cuatro has bought the rights to create their own version of the programme that helped launch the careers of actors Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd.

24th October 2008

Fact: Comedian Will Ferrell reprised his famed impression of U.S. President GEORGE W. Bush on Thursday (23Oct08) in an "impromptu" evening address to the nation on hit comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live alongside Tina Fey as Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and Darrell Hammond as her running-mate, John McCain.

17th October 2008

Fact: U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will make a cameo appearance on TV comedy sketch series Saturday Night Live this week (18Oct08), talk show host Larry King confirmed on his show Larry King Live on Thursday (16Oct08). Comedienne Tina Fey has been blamed for the Republican party's recent slip in the polls ahead of the election after impersonating Palin in recent weeks.

4th October 2008

Fact: Queen Latifah is set to appear on US TV comedy show Saturday Night Live this weekend (4Oct08), playing journalist and vice presidential debate moderator GWEN IFILL, in a sketch about Thursday's (2Oct08) debate between candidates Sarah Palin and JOE BIDEN.

21st July 2008

Fact: U.S. comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live will get an early start when it debuts its autumn (08) season this September (08) to take advantage of the upcoming Presidential election. One of four primetime specials will air on the eve of the historical event, when voters flock to the polls on 4 November (08).

15th October 2007

Fact: Jack Nicholson made a rare TV appearance on Saturday night (13Oct07) in America when he closed comedy show Saturday Night Live by introducing a performance by show host Jon Bon Jovi and his band.

1st November 2006

Quote: "There was a moment where we were in my bedroom and I felt like it should be a Saturday Night Live skit." Rocker Courtney Love on a surreal moment she had while trying to convince friend Whitney Houston to get help for substance abuse.

23rd September 2006

Fact: Comedian SETH MEYERS will replace Tina Fey as Amy Poehler's Weekend Update co-anchor when US comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live returns on 30 September (06).

8th May 2006

Fact: Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea paid tribute to tragic comic John Belushi during the group's performance on US comedy show Saturday Night Live on Saturday (06MAY06) by scribbling the late funnyman's name on his chest in thick black ink. Belushi, who died from a drug overdose in 1982, was a regular on the satirical show.

29th April 2006

Fact: Singer Paul Simon is set for a rare live performance on Saturday Night Live on 27 May (06). Simon will appear on the show, which will be hosted by former SEINFELD star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who was a member of the SNL cast from 1982 until 1985.

15th March 2006

Quote: "Who knew she had the ability to be a gangsta' rapper?" Director Joel Silver is amazed by the many talents of Natalie Portman, who stars in his new film V For Vendetta. The star performed a rap parody on Saturday Night Live when she hosted the show earlier this month (04MAR06).

6th March 2006

Fact: Natalie Portman combined her love of peace and Star Wars for her guest hosting stint on US comedy show Saturday Night Live at the weekend (04MAR06) - she wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the logo 'Stop Wars'.

15th February 2006

Quote: <p>"I think the closest we'll get to that is if we do (US comedy show) Saturday Night Live and Jack Bauer will be in bed and the only time he gets out is to go to the bathroom." Kiefer Sutherland considers a suitable opportunity for his 24 character, federal agent Bauer, to take a break from his death-defying stunts. </p>

15th February 2006

Quote: <p>"I think the closest we'll get to that is if we do (US comedy show) Saturday Night Live and Jack Bauer will be in bed and the only time he gets out is to go to the bathroom." Kiefer Sutherland considers a suitable opportunity for his 24 character, federal agent Bauer, to take a break from his death-defying stunts. </p>

6th February 2006

Quote: <p>"Britney Spears will star in an upcoming episode of Will And Grace as a Christian conservative who appears on JACK's (Sean Hayes) talk show. Also, Kevin Federline will appear as a janitor...but not on a show." Comedienne Amy Poehler pokes fun at the singer and her husband during US show Saturday Night Live's WEEKEND UPDATE news segment. </p>

22nd November 2005

Quote: <p>"It's kind of old news so you'd hope they'd come up with something more original than that." Teri Hatcher admits she wasn't overly impressed with pal EVA LONGORIA spoofing the infamous DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES VANITY FAIR photoshoot on US satirical show Saturday Night Live. </p>

3rd October 2005

Fact: <p>THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN star Steve Carell auditioned for a role on hit US comedy show Saturday Night Live 10 years ago, but lost out to funnyman Will Ferrell. </p>

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