Tina Fey had problems with her bunions on the set of 'Date Night'.

The 39-year-old star admits she had difficulty running around the set of the film in high heeled shoes because of her aching feet, and claims she had to be "shot mercifully" by the camera crew.

She told Stylist magazine: "I've got big gym-teacher legs from being pigeon toed all my life.

"And I can't wear heels because I have buniony feet. So that hurt a lot, and I did ad-lib the line, 'Everything you're doing, I'm doing in heels!' Pitiful.

"The cleavage was all pushed up. And they shot me very mercifully. But I did try to get in shape. Me in that movie is my version of being in shape. Any other actress would hang herself!"

Although best known as an actress for her roles in '30 Rock' and 'The Invention of Lying', she began her career as a comedy writer - serving as the first female head writer on sketch show 'Saturday Night Live' in 1999.

She then went on to create Lindsay Lohan movie 'Mean Girls' before returning to her job at 'SNL'.

'Date Night' - which also stars Steve Carell and Mark Wahlberg - is released in the UK on April 21.