For those of you still following the spat between the New York Times and celebrity chef Guy Fieri – and it seems that quite a lot of you are – there was much amusement to be had at the weekend as Saturday Night Live did their own take on the beef. However, comedy fans were almost denied the chance to see a sketch that focused on Fieri’s reaction to the now infamous bad review that his restaurant in New York received from the paper.

Thankfully, such is the world we live in, the segment appeared online after being cut from the dress rehearsal of the show itself. In it Bobby Moynihan put on a fine showing as Fieri, looking every inch the embittered chef and reprimanding Seth Myers at the Weekend Update desk by exclaiming "not in New York, Seth, it's in Times Square!"

Another high point came as Moynihan, with his pitch perfect Fieri voice, reacted “Oh, that’s not off the chain. Oh, that’s very much on the chain” to the bad review. It was a strong sketch, and thankfully NBC opted to keep and upload the whole thing on tape. As for the real Fieri? We’ve not heard anything more from him since his first outburst at the Times; he’s likely still licking his wounds.