This year, 'American Horror Story' seemed like it was going to delve deeply into the 2016 Presidential Election, and with archival footage of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the opening moments of this season's first episode, it looked as if that path was going to be followed down. Since that point however, it's been made clear that this was simply used as a launch pad for the rest of the season, subtitled 'Cult'.

Sarah Paulson leads 'Cult' in a highly liberal roleSarah Paulson leads 'Cult' in a highly liberal role

Sarah Paulson is of course back in one of the show's leading roles, this time playing a far-left liberal named Ally Mayfair-Richards who lives with her wife Ivy Mayfair-Richards (Alison Pill) and their son Oz (Cooper Dodson). Their peaceful lifestyle is flipped upside down following the election results however, when Ally's anxieties boil over and she starts to suffer a series of mental breakdowns.

Clowns are one of her biggest fears and so, when her son Oz seems to be becoming obsessed with the sometimes jolly, sometimes terrifying entities, her downward spiral moves at record pace, putting pressure on the entire family.

Speaking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with the show's host, Sarah Paulson explained how there's usually a "supernatural element" in each season of 'AHS'. This time however, things have changed.

"Every year we have a monster, a rubber-man, a piggy-man, sometimes it's a supernatural element, sometimes it's not," she said. "It's really serious [this time], it's really about our inability to listen as individuals and as a country. So this year the monster on the show is the loss of communication as a nation, that's what it's about."

Hopefully, the supernatural side of 'AHS' will remain a non-participant this season, as the real fears that many of the characters are facing in 'Cult' resonate highly with those watching. When supernatural elements are overdone, sometimes the scariness of a horror show subsides and it branches into the campy. That's been done before with 'AHS', but finally with 'Cult', we're treading on new ground.

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'American Horror Story: Cult' continues Tuesdays on FX in the US and Fridays on FOX in the UK.