Sarah Palin is both very strongly right wing, as well as very strongly Christian, and both belief systems mean she'll be incredibly unhappy about her son's filing for divorce. Sarah's son, Track Palin, has jointly filed for divorce from his wife Britta, reports TMZ.

Alaskan divorce proceedings make it really easy if a couple jointly files for divorce, because they deem it an admission that the couple have settled all finances and custody issues regarding children without needing the interference of the court. However, they did have to watch a video about the impact of divorce upon children. They have one daughter, Kyla who's only a year old and only 6 months older than the couple's marriage. 

Britta and Track had been highschool sweethearts but evidently 'real life' and having a child put an enormous strain on their relationship, resulting in the divorce.

Track had been a soldier in the army, signing up after 9/11. He has been deployed in Iraq for a year and is still an Army Reservist. He's currently a commercial fisherman and the oldest of Sarah Palin's 5 children, the youngest of whom is Trig, aged two. It has been reported that he planned to go to college after the current fishing season. As yet there has been no word from the Palin family regarding the matter.