Sarah Palin, the 46-year-old Republican politician and former Governor of Alaska, will not be making a second season of her reality show 'Sarah Palin's Alaska', reports the UK's Daily Mail. The series producer MARK BURNETT confirmed this week that there are no plans to make any further episodes.
The reality show, which has courted much controversy in recent months, brought its first season to a close last night (9th January 2011) and earlier indications had suggested that the reason for the cancellation was down to Palin's intent to run for President in 2012. However, new reports suggest that the axing could be attributed to dwindling audience figures. The reality series opened on the TLC network to five million viewers, however, this number soon dropped to 3.2 million by episode two. Throughout the series, viewers tuned in to watch the vice-presidential candidate camping with television personality Kate Gosselin and shooting and killing caribou, something that was highly criticised in certain sections of the press.
After West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin had accused Palin of hunting wild animal for political gain, the 46-year-old hit back on her Facebook page, saying, "Unless you've never worn leather shoes, sat upon a leather couch or eaten a piece of meat, save your condemnation of tonight's episode. I remain proudly intolerant of anti-hunting hypocrisy".