Review of Remixes Single by Sarah Mclachlan

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5. Sarah Mclachlan Remixes (12" - Nettwerk)
Not necessarily a household name over here but Canadas Sarah Mclachlan has reached the dizzy heights of an eight million sales figure for her seventh and last album Surfacing. Hear her voice on these mixes and its easy to understand why shes such a hit. Her ethereal folk croon is both refreshing and vivid.
The mixes here; the Fade mix of Plenty and Hybrids Super Collider Mix of Fear are aimed straight at the dancefloor and are no doubt an attempt to bring the magic of Sarah to a wider ranging UK audience.
The mixes do a fine job of demonstrating the vocal abilities of Ms Mclachlan, although as mixes in themselves, theyre nothing special. Hopefully, the content of the follow up album Remixed an album of dance/chill-out remixes, from the likes of William Orbit, DJ Tiesto and Dusted, will prove to be a bit more exciting.