Sarah Jessica Parker has said that a third Sex and the City movie is “fairly nearby.”

Parker gave the big tease during an interview with CBS’s Jane Pauley on Sunday. The actress is currently promoting her new HBO series ‘Divorce’, but can’t escape questions about the future of Carrie Bradshaw.

Sex and the CityWill there be a third Sex and the City movie?

When asked about plans for a third movie, Parker said: "It’s not on the table, but somebody is holding it fairly nearby.”

Pauley then told the actress: "One can’t help but picture a Golden Girls kind of version of ‘Sex and the City’.

"Now you’re looking back on your lives. If you’re inclined to be looking back on your lives at all, or are you still looking forward?”

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"I would have sort of imagined that those women have only interest in looking ahead, while being informed by the past," Parker answered.

"And in a way, maybe that would be the best for all of us — living people, nonfictional as well!”

Last month Parker also spoke about the possibility of another movie, saying that none of the stars had ruled it out.

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"I don't think any of us have said no," she told the Press Association.

"I don't know whether it's a series or the movie. I think that remains an open question and discussion that will continue until it's been resolved.

"I think that's always a possibility, definitely," she added.