Sarah Jessica Parker is set to star in a brand new comedy drama entitled 'Divorce', with the 10-episode first season set to hit HBO this Fall according to the newly released teaser trailer. The actress shared a taste of the new show on her social media accounts.

Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica Parker to star in HBO original series 'Divorce'

'Divorce' marks Parker's first return to HBO since 'Sex And The City' ended 12 years ago. Created by British filmmaker Sharon Horgan ('Catastrophe'), with the first episode directed by Jesse Peretz ('Girls'), the show co-stars the Oscar nominated Thomas Haden Church, as well as Molly Shannon and Talia Balsam.

It's a complicated story which sees Parker's troubled character Frances ask for a divorce from her long-time moustachioed husband Robert, with whom she has a young daughter named Lila, in a desperate bid for a fresh start. Things haven't been easy between them; Robert even had an 'emotional affair' with another woman and naturally this brings along complications in itself - can you really class it as adultery if nothing physical ever happened? Robert doesn't think so. But this isn't just about another woman; this is about two people who have slowly grown apart, and while Frances no longer wants to be married to Robert, she's hopeful that a divorce will lead to a happier relationship between them both. However, this isn't going to be straightforward.

'A long time coming. And a great thrill that my friends [at HBO] allowed me to share with you the official FIRST look and just a wee appetizer of #DivorceonHBO', Parker wrote on Instagram yesterday.

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Sarah Jessica Parker has never been divorced herself, having been married to Matthew Broderick since 1997 with whom she has three children: a teenage son named James and 7-year-old twin daughters Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge.

'Divorce' is set to air on HBO exclusively sometime this Fall.