Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't think we're ''alone'' in the universe.

The 48-year-old actress - who voices Kira Supernova, the wife of an alien who invades Earth in 'Escape From Planet Earth' - doesn't think the descriptions of other-worldly beings in TV and films are very accurate, but she is convinced there is life on other planets.

Asked if she believes in aliens, she said: ''No. Well, I don't think we're alone in the universe. But I don't think aliens are how we have experienced them thus far on screen.

''We discovered that there may have been water elsewhere, and that was a massive and important discovery in the world of science, right? This suggests that something benefited from the water.

''But whether they wear funny outfits and they're clever and they say snarky things to each other and have wonderfully big sweet eyes? That, I'm dubious about. But I do enjoy the storytelling here on Earth.''

The actress' character in 'Escape From Planet Earth' gave up her career to raise a family and Sarah - who has three children, son James and twin daughters Marion and Tabitha, with her husband Matthew Broderick - thinks Kira's story will appeal to many women experiencing the same ''conflict'' over their life choices.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Sarah said: ''I think she has made some decisions, and she speaks to a way that maybe other women feel, you know? She's left behind, and she's maybe conflicted about those choices. And she becomes defensive. Do you choose work over family? I think that's a position that a lot of women find themselves in.

''I think, a little bit, this film tries to talk about what it's like to remove yourself from your professional workplace and work from home as a parent. It's sweet, it's nicely done.''