Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's surrogate has testified in court that tax files and ultrasound photos were taken from her home in Ohio while she was in hiding immediately prior to giving birth to the couple's twins.
Ohio police officers Barry Carpenter and Chad Dojack are charged with illegally entering Michelle Ross' home in Martins Ferry, taking the items and then trying to sell them to a paparazzo who was attempting to break the news about the identity of the mystery mum.
Carpenter maintains he entered Ross' vacant home after spotting the door to her basement wide open. He told investigators he took nothing and simply secured the home after making sure there had been no break-in.
But Ross, who was moved to top secret West Virginia addresses in the weeks leading up to labour, insists files and photos were missing when she returned home after handing over the twins - and a cast of her stomach had been misplaced.
Appearing in court in Belmont County on Thursday (19Nov09), Ross recalled a paparazzo tracking her down to inform her that the two police officers and others were trying to sell her stolen personal items.
The surrogate also told the court that she made an agreement not to disclose the parents of the twins she was carrying, but she did write about the experience online while she was in hiding. She never named names.
After the paparazzo tracked her down, she was moved from address to address to protect her identity, while her own son was sent to live with relatives.
Ross gave birth to the babies in May (09).