An Ohio police chief is facing a miserable Christmas (09) after he was found guilty of receiving stolen goods and tampering with evidence at the home of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's surrogate.
Barry Carpenter faces up to 10 years behind bars next month (10Dec09) when he's sentenced for his part in a raid on Michelle Ross' home, while she was in hiding in the weeks before giving birth to the celebrity couple's twins in May (09).
The police officer was acquitted on charges of burglary.
Carpenter maintained he took nothing from Ross' home and only entered it when he spotted a basement door wide open. He's accused of passing on stolen files and photos to a paparazzo.
A jury in Belmont County court took under 11 hours to reach the guilty verdict, which was read out on Monday (23Nov09).
Another Ohio police chief, Chad Dojack, faces trial in January (10) for his alleged part in the raid.