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Sarabeth Tucek
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Sarabeth Tucek Sarabeth Tucek Album

This debut album was good enough to earn Miami-born New York resident Sarabeth Tucek an opening slot at a Bob Dylan concert. With a dusky, smoky voice that echoes many, from Karen Carpenter to Dusty Springfield to Mazzy Star, the songs are lent a wonderful languid style, unfolding gently.

Like Dylan, the words fit the music somehow, with deft touches and squeezes here and there. At once classic and new, the album is a thing of beauty - a mature, brunette beauty rather than an airbrushed glamour beauty. Unlike Cat Power, to whom she is compared regularly, there is no angularity to the vocals, no disquieting edge, although the ability to fully inhabit the slow-burning, torchy songs is equally evident. Tucek has supported Ray Lamontagne, and perhaps that is the strongest comparison - if you are a Lamontagne fan, there is absolutely no doubt that Sarabeth Tucek should be your next purchase.


Mike Rea

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