Former child star Sara Paxton is keen to meet her namesake Bill Paxton after learning he's a distant relative.
The Last House on the Left star always noticed a family similarity in the Titanic actor and was thrilled when her aunt linked her to the movie star while tracing her history.
Paxton tells, "My aunt is a genealogist and she traced back every member of our family and he's in there. He's a very, very distant relative."
"He probably doesn't know I exist. I heard he's really nice and has kids, so I would love to tell him, 'Show your kid that mermaid movie I was in, Aquamarine, and maybe they'll want to meet me.' That would be great if we work together some day.
"Just the other day Titanic came on and I was watching it with my mom and she's like, 'There's your uncle Bill!'"