Review of Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming Album by Sara Lov

Review of Sara Lov's album Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming

Sara Lov Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming Album

Time is money. Throughout this review, I'm going to show you how to maximise your time to save you money.

Sara Lov, Hawaiian by birth, Isreali by kidnapping and US resident by repatriation, has just released her first full length, Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming. It's a very pretty album, following on from her The Young Eyes EP, which contained the excellent cover of 'My Body is A Cage' by Arcade Fire- and this is how I was turned on to Sara Lov by means of her Myspace page. It's a brilliant cover, and a brilliant song.

Unfortunately, on this full-length effort, the songs aren't quite as powerful as those written by the Canadian septet. Pretty piano ballads are backed up by Sara's frail yet penetrating voice to great effect, but, it has to be said, some of this is filler. The major standout here is 'A Thousand Bees', a simply stunning track from start to finish, and a career-maker, if her label chooses to push it enough. And I'd like to see this get decent airplay- and I don't see why it wouldn't. Sara has a 'story', a nice enough voice and is attractive in an indie, Science of Sleep way (great film if you haven't seen it). The rest of the album is good, but seems entirely mediocre when compared with the standout track. Seriously, it's amazing.

So, if you want to save time, and therefore, money, I'd suggest downloading A Thousand Bees from iTunes or the DRM download provider of your choice and listen to that a few times. Therein lies the beauty of single track downloads. And then, if you've still got a free half an hour, go and listen to the Arcade Fire.

Conrad Hughes

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