Singer Santigold has become a firm believer in the powers of meditation after turning to the practice to cure a serious bout of writer's block.
The star was struggling to come up with catchy new songs for her upcoming album Master of my Make-Believe when TV On The Radio rocker Dave Sitek recommended she try transcendental meditation to help relax her mind and get her creative juices flowing again.
Santigold looked to expert Nancy Cook De Herrera - the woman who introduced the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to The Beatles - to learn the technique, a specific form of mantra meditation, and she soon discovered that it worked wonders.
She tells The Scotsman, "You get given a mantra, one word, which you repeat to yourself. I can’t tell you what mine is, I don’t think it actually has a meaning, but saying it over and over brought me confidence, clarity and calm and made me think: ‘I can do this'.
"All of a sudden I was the most confident person in the world."