Sandra Bullock leads the cast for true story drama 'Our Brand Is Crisis', and while she's well known for some impressive acting stints throughout her career, she's crediting director David Gordon Green for her work in this movie; a filmmaker who came on board after a long struggle to find the perfect director.

Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton in 'Our Brand Is Crisis'Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton star as arch-rivals in 'Our Brand Is Crisis'

Bullock stars as a political campaign expert named Jane with a questionable past, who nearly loses sight of her own morals in a bid to beat her rival Pat Candy (Billy Bob Thornton) in the presidential victory race and clear her less then clean record. It's not just a straightforward drama though; as can be expected from Bullock, there's plenty of humour there and a whole lot of heart, creating something that she describes as 'emotionally complex' and thus a daunting task for any director.

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'I remember when Dave walked into the room, I remember what he was wearing, I remember the first thing out of his mouth, and I just looked at Grant [Heslov - producer] and was like, 'Oh my God, we've found our guy'', recalls Bullock, who also worked as a producer on the movie alongside George Clooney. 'I watched like eight [of his movies] in a row and I was watching a love scene and, it wasn't a sex scene, it was an overhead shot of these two people and it was so intimate, so simple and real and intimate. You felt like you were watching intimacy for the first time.'

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She confessed that seeing such raw emotion in Green's previous movies gave her a 'selfish' motive for bringing him to the helm. 'I wanted to be as good as those people that he had directed before me. I wanted to have something new happen in my work and I wanted him to pull it out', she says.

'Our Brand Is Crisis' is set to be released in the US on October 30th 2015.