Gravity was released early to critics and film festivals goers to an immensely positive reception, with many praising the film's originality, the flawless performances from the film's stars and the beautifully detailed cinematography on display. On the back of it's release earlier this week (4 Oct.), the film is benefiting greatly from the heaps of anticipation critics built up for it, as it skyrockets above it's nearest competition to ascend to the top spot of the US box office.

Clooney and Bullock have been captivating audiences all weekend

Early indicators seem to state that the film is well on it's way to earning over $50 million over the weekend, making it a surprise hit for a film which is void of many of the halmarks of a typical blockbuster. According to Deadline, the film managed to bring in a solid $17.5 million on it's opening day on Friday, bringing in $1.4 mil. alone through late-night showings on Thursday night. Since then it reportedly manage to bring in $23.5 mil. on Saturday and is continuing to have a considerable audience draw throughout Sunday. This should earn the movie roughly half of it's estimated budget in one weekend, with estimates for the cost of the film ranging between $80-120 million.

Sandra Bullock
Bullock's performance has been generating Oscar-talk

Early reviews from the sci-fi thriller have been nothing but positive and already the film is being touted as a potential award winner, with Oscar-buzz even orbiting the film. Employing breathtaking visuals, side-by-side with tense drama handled by two of Hollywood's most celebrated actors working today; Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, Alfonso Cuaron's new film is regularly being heralded as one of the finest sci-fi's in years.

Gravity is out in America now and will arrive in UK cinemas on 8 November.

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