Sandra Bullock fantasises about seducing Prince, so she can be the inspiration behind the singer's next sexy hit.
The actress has idolised the Purple Rain hitmaker since her early teens but was too shy to meet the star when she had the chance.
She explains, "There was a moment in New York in some nightclub when he was there years ago when I was a waitress. I kept walking by him, hoping he would notice. He never looked at me. I think maybe he saw me once and wrote me off and I'm pretending I might have a chance to inspire a Prince song."
Bullock hasn't given up hope of drawing the singer's attention, even though she's now married to celebrity mechanic Jesse James. But her husband shouldn't worry too much - the actress fears shattering her dreams of what being with Prince would be like if she was to actually hang-out with her pint-sized crush.
She adds, "I've seen the concerts and I don't want to meet the man who makes (me feel) sexy. Maybe he'll hate me and then I'll lose my (sexiness)."