Sandra Bullock had an unusual day out with her younger sister GESINE recently, when they both visited a Los Angeles doctor for colonoscopies.

While neither of the siblings was particularly thrilled about going through the procedure, but they felt it necessary after the 2000 death of their mother HELGA from colon cancer.

And Bullock says they both received a clean bill of health, explaining, "The doctor said, 'You don't have to come back for another 10 years.' We were like, 'How great is that?'"

The pair celebrated by going on a spending spree - which was slightly affected by the strong painkillers they'd taken that day.

Bullock admits, "I was stoned out of my head. I bought a camera because it matched my hair colour - and the most interesting clothes... Now I have this insane PICASSO-looking beach shirt and a great camera that matches my hair."

25/03/2005 13:53